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Frequently Asked Questions


You may keep your Mobytel mobile number for up to 1 year without using our service..

Due to security reasons, it is best for Mobytel to send you the SIM card to your address details that are on your registered account..

No, we provide only a SIM card at the moment..

If you have activated your SIM PIN code and then entered the wrong PIN code into your Mobytel Mobile three times your SIM card will automatically lock. In this case, you must enter your PUK code. If not please call our Customer Services team on 154 / 02087447900 and our team will return your call..

Mobytel Mobile is unable to prevent you from receiving these unwanted messages, unless you want to ban all text messaging. These companies have sophisticated ways of obtaining mobile phone numbers. One way to avoid unwanted texts is to be careful about what sites you give your mobile number to..

Roaming services are automated and they should work as soon as you travel abroad. If you are unable to access the same, kindly restart your phone and you should be able to use the services without any problem. Or you can call customer services..

Visit the Contact Us page on our website or you can call to our customer services on 154 / 02087447900..

When it comes to making international calls, Mobytel Mobile works in the same way as other mobiles or fixed line phones. Simply dial the number you need: 00 followed by your country code, then your area code and then the phone number and press the call button. Instead of a 00 you can also use a "+". Please note that most premium voice and text services in other countries cannot be reached from a mobile phone service when calling from outside that country..

Mobytel Mobile works in the same way as other mobiles when it comes to sending international text messages. Simply text 00 followed by your country code, then your area code and then the phone number and presses the dialer button. Instead of a 00 you can also use a "+"..

You can check our call rates from our website

The Mobytel SIM is set up to intimate customers when the balance reduces below a set level and that is why you may receive this error. However once you disconnect the first attempt and try again the call will go through as long as there is enough credit. If the problem persists kindly call Customer Service from any Mobytel mobile number..

First of all try to reboot your phone, If it does not work then go to settings in your phone, Go to Cellular Network, then choose network operators, and then click on Automatically choose preferred network. If this does not work then call customer services on 154 / 02087447900 from your Mobytel Mobile..

Please note that some handsets switch from Wi-Fi to Mobile Internet depending on signal strength. To avoid these issues, please deactivate the Data option on your mobile phone while using Wi-Fi..

While it is not mandatory to register your details, we would strongly recommend you do so. Registering one’s number opens up many additional facilities including the ability to manage your Mobytel account online, setting up of Auto top up facility, collecting itemized bill copy, changing or updating personal information etc..

If your mobile phone screen shows any of the following when you first put your Mobytel Mobile SIM into your phone: 'blocked', 'barred', 'incorrect SIM' or 'SP lock', your mobile may be locked to another network. There are a number of ways to unlock your phone - just call our Customer Services team for expert advice..

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The handset needs to be compatible with the internationally recognized GSM standards, adopted by all the major handset manufacturers. There are no other restrictions on the type of handset you can use with Sunrise Mobile. Please call our Customer Services if you are unsure about your handset..

You can purchase Mobytel Mobile SIM from website or call on 02087447900..

Once you’ve inserted your new Mobytel Mobile SIM, you can view your number by dialing *133#.

After completing one successful top-up with your credit or debit card, you have the option to activate recurring top up. You set this service to automatically top-up a predetermined value.

You can top-up your number by visiting our website and by registering your number, or you can call customer services from your Mobytel Number at 154.

You can Top-Up your account from our website or call on 154/02087447900..

Once you have bought it, it is out of our hands..

We have 6 Top-Ups: - • £5 • £10 • £15 • £20 • £25 • £50.

You can receive a new FREE SIM Card by ordering it online. Please contact Customer Services on 154 (if calling from a Mobytel mobile number) or 02087447900 (if calling from any other number) with your new Mobytel mobile SIM and a PAC code from your previous network provider and we will port-in your number within 3 business days. You can also visit to place the port-in request online..

A PAC code is a Port-in Authorization Code which is needed to complete a mobile number transfer from one provider to another. You need to contact your current network provider to get the PAC code which is alphanumeric..

Yes, please call us on 154 with a valid email address and we will be able to send the settings to the requested email address..

Please ensure that you have enough data allowance or sufficient balance available on your phone. If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Services team on 154 from any Mobytel mobile..

You can either enter “1234”..

Please ensure that mobile data and data roaming are on or you can call our customer services on 154 from your Mobytel mobile.

Since your SIM isn't working in your handset while other SIM cards are, it might be an issue with your handset provider; or the mobile phone could be locked, meaning it only accepts SIM cards from a particular service provider. Please contact the handset dealer for more assistance..

The network coverage is heavily dependent on location and our network partners. Try it again and if the problem persists, contact Customer Services on 154 from your Mobytel Mobile..

Please restart your handset and your mobile will automatically catch the strongest network or select the network manually..